American cars specialist for 39 years

Advise: importation, registration and technical assistance





My job : technical assistance

After more than 24 years of experience in the maintenance, restoration, registration and sale of US cars, I now propose my services to anybody who wants to buy an American vehicle.


I can advise you for logistical and technical purposes :

  • buy abroad (USA, ENGLAND)
  • advise a model of vehicle
  • find a vehicle within your price range
  • import the vehicle (various paperwork, shipping...)
  • take care of the different fees and taxes (reception of the vehicle, custom clearance...)
  • register (file with DOT to bring the vehicle to EEC standards)
  • advise you how to drive in respect of the environment (advise you how to run on LPG with various helps from the governement)


With my experience and knowledge, I can help you to solve technical problems on your car and to find the closest garage who can take care of it.

My job : helping you


ince 2006 my services helped numerous buyers who did not dare to do everything themselves.

A few of them thought that their budget was too low to buy directly in France. I keep the stress off your mind ! Also, if you wish to come with me to get your vehicle, I can organise the trip...


Don't forget that professional advice


is always helpful